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ETHERIA: A Sequel or a Prequel? January 15, 2006

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Shucks… I am really doing this.

Today is New Year’s Eve, and the explosions are getting louder and louder. Don’t want to come out.Etheria Will just hop and jump and hop around–in disbelief of getting any taller next year, but… duh? Too much jumping squeezes the ligaments and other soft tissues between our backbones, so the more we squeeze it, the more we likely to be siblings of Mahal and Mura. Haha.

That was just a nonsense. Now let’s go to my discussion.

I’ve been watching Encantadia avidly for a few months already. Only missed 10 percent of the episodes since our b-house had no TV before, but hey, the not-so-crystal-clear reception of the television we borrowed from Kuya Arman could compromise to our telefantastic cravings ^_^.

I’ve been among those who were fantasized by the storyline, the stars (especially Diana… hehehe), and the outstanding CG visual effects of Encantadia. Not to mention its influence and inspiration from the Lord of the Rings. In fact, this was not really similar to that of LOTR. Only the motif would be agreeable, but the rest is far-off of Tolkien’s.

Etheriaherans Now, after the hanging conclusion of Encantadia, here comes its seemingly rushed (and quite rehashed) installment–Etheria (for their panghihinayang na masayang ang costumes and set ng Encantadia nang ganun-ganun na lang. hehehe).

But the issue ’bout Etheria rehashing the expenditures of Encantadia doen’t really ring my bell. I want to make a quite overrated debate of the ‘term’ which the cast, as well as the crew behind the cameras and also to the managing staff of GMA7, has been mistaking.

Is Etheria a prequel or a sequel?

In a gist, a sequel is the ‘next’ story of a story. A prequel is the story ‘before’ a story. Gets n’yo?

I will to rationalize objectively, of how Etheria turns out to be a sequel or a prequel.


  1. The story of the program ‘Etheria’ runs right after the defeat of Hagorn and Asval. Lireo has been retrieved from Hathorian domination and everyone lived happily ever after… except when Lira decided to die for her to follow Anthony’s soul in Human Paradise, and then onto the succession of Cassandra being held captive by the Etherians, then the Sang-gres’ journey to the past… to the history where Etheria still exists as the most powerful kingdom in Encantadia.
  2. The setting of the characters is in PRESENT– where Lira (Jennylyn Mercado) has died and Cassiopoeia (Cindy Kurleto) cloned herself with portions of Lira in order to create the last Sang’gre, Cassandra (Ella Guevarra). The four Sang’gres traveled to the past where only Sapiro and Etheria exist as Kingdoms, and the Diwatas were still considered as ordinary land-dwellers. But still, the setting of ‘present’ still runs in the story.
  3. The phase of ‘Sa Kasalukuyan’-‘Sa Nakaraan’ (At Present-In the Past) scenes.
  4. The Sang’gres are still alive. Harring Ybrahim (Dingdong Dantes) interfered to the flow of Time, where he preemptively let himself to travel unknowingly with the Sang’gres–a devastation of the history of Etheria which might change the history running at present. His action were not written in the scriptures possessed from Anthony.
  5. Of the conversation of the Sang-gres how crucial their divulge about their present time is. IfEtheria_sanggre they have unleashed too much information to the Diwatas of Etheria about the present time, they might destroy the original flow of history, and might turn into a world where the Sang’gres or the inhabitants of the present, never existed.


  1. It is a story of the past where the story might have gone into an endless cycle of repetitive journey to the past and present for so many reasons.
  2. Everything listed about Etheria being a sequel is simultaneous with the history of the people in Etheria. This might be confusing. Isipin niyo–everything that has gone in the story of present Encantadia connives with the time sequences of past Etheria. While Haring Ybrahim is story-telling to Cassandra about the lost history of Encantadia in which the existence of Etheria is inscripted, young Minea (Inang Reyna, played by Nadine Samonte) of the past might be reviewing for her midterm examinations in Hera Senza, the city, or region of knowledge. While the Sang-gres are training with the remaining kawals of Lireo and Sapiro, young Raquim (Dennis Trillo) might be training with his friend young Hagorn (Pen Medina, son of Ping Medina who portrayed old Hagorn–look alike talaga sila.). Every single action being done in the Encantadia aftermath is simultaneous with the passage of time of still existing Etheria. Kinda make sense, right?

I personally believe that Etheria is a prequel of Encantadia

For comments and suggestions, make some comments.

For a quick glimpse of Etheria, visit Wikipedia info about Etheria

By the way… it’s 10:18 already. Palakas na nang palakas ang putukan sa labas.




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